How to Get Exclusive Helcurt Skin "Ice Scythe" and Season Pass Details

The Season Pass is a long event where you can level up and gain more rewards as you go further. Aside from the Advanced Skin rewards, there is another skin reward which has the color blue and can unlock other skins of different heroes, for example, Spacetime Shadow, Wings of Heaven, Dove Love and more.

Also, the Advanced Pass has more Lucky Ticket rewards for you to play the Lucky Spin! It’s a good deal for $9.99 or P500 in our currency.

A lot more rewards are available so get it in gear and keep upgrading your pass via quests that are available in the bottom right corner of the event page. Some require to play the game, get new heroes and skins, or play with your friends.

Everyone starts with the free pass with 50 tickets in some levels when you level up, however, the Advanced Pass has more rewards than the free one, also the season pass shop currency is only obtainable in the advanced pass so take that one.

For you to get the Advanced Pass, you need to buy it.

It costs P500 if you purchase via credit card or PayMaya, but on load, you will need to purchase it with the amount of P558. So with that, you will have obtained the Advanced Pass, don’t worry if you have leveled up your free pass, past rewards on the advanced side can still be obtainable.

Now for the fun part, Helcurt’s new skin is called Ice Scythe which features Helcurt in a somewhat iced version, this skin is only exclusive to the Season Pass so pass up on the other skins first and focus on the Ice Scythe.

Your first purple gem, the season pass currency will be at level 35 so get there through either the usual grind or spend more tickets to accelerate your leveling up of your Season Pass. If you do select the Ticket Acceleration prepare 3,500 tickets again to get to 35 levels if you start at Level 1. But just spend enough tickets to get to level 35. Once you do, you will have the power to buy Helcurt’s exclusive skin.
Helcurt Skin Ice Scythe image

Helcurt’s Exclusive skin, Ice Scythe has the “Arctic Executioner” model, a new display animation and his skill effects have changed color. Pretty nifty and cool for an exclusive skin. Better take the opportunity to get the skin because it will not be available after this event so get it before the event ends.

And that’s all we have for now in this article, take the chance and get the Ice Scythe skin for Helcurt! For more information about the game and the events there, stay tuned!

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