Lunox Guide and Best Item Build

Lunox Guide and Best Item Build
Well, we got you covered, keep on reading as we discuss Lunox’s Build and Guide. Keep reading to know more.

Before we discuss the items, you need to take other things to consideration before heading to the battlefield.

First of all, she is a mage, a mage that has the ability to suddenly finish off an enemy or chip her bits by bits with her poking ability. With this in mind, make sure that the items you will get will focus on that. Lunox’s skills also rely on low cooldown in order to spam her abilities to melt her opponents down, that too is an important factor that we need to consider.

As for emblem types, of course, the main emblem to go to is the custom mage emblems and talent page, since she is a mage that specialized page will give her firepower to help you win the game.

However, if you haven’t unlocked that page yet, there is also a free common magic emblem and talent page that is applicable to anyone that has magical capabilities such as Lunox.

Finally, the spells that you can use. Of course, the recommended battle spell is Flicker, this battle spell is a dual purpose both in chasing enemies to land the killing blow or to escape before dying.

Well, if you prefer the jungle, then you can also get retribution for buffs, but feel free to try other spells that works well with magic just like Petrify!

But let’s not waste any moment and head for the Lunox Item Build:Lunox Guide and Best Item Build

Lunox Guide and BuildEnchanted Talisman

For a first item, we can go with something that is super nice for Lunox. The additional magic power, health and cooldown reduction is what we need to boost Lunox in order to gain more leverage against her laning enemy, get some kills to have ann early snowball and maintain a fighting chance as she can trade well with cooldown reduction and the passive of the item which can give Lunox better mana regeneration, pretty neat for an early item.

Rapid BootsRapid Boots

When you got to go fast, you got to go fast and that is what this item will give you. Boots give you a lot of stats that can go either for armor, magic penetration or attack speed, but when you got Lunox, it’s very recommended that you go Rapid Boots, why? You need to chase down enemies to make sure your skills land on them so it is very wise to pick Rapid Boots, with its overpowering amount of +90 movement speed together with the passive that will make them even more slower. This item is great for poking down enemies and dealing massive damage after. Sounds like the perfect boots for Lunox.

Glowing Wand

More magic power, health and movement speed. Essentials for Lunox, magic power as she will need to deal more damage. Health for survival in team fights. Finally, movement speed to chase enemies or escape unfavorable situations. This is a great third item for her. Additionally, it has a great passive that can cause additional damage when Lunox hits an enemy with a spell. So better take it and ensure your chances even further.

Ice Queen WandIce Queen Wand

If you are tired of escaping enemies or those who want to bait you in their traps then you should have this item. As Lunox, you can reap a lot of benefits from this item. Mana, magic power and spell vamp, very essential for your game play, especially spell vamp, meaning you can gain life from the magic damage you deal, pretty neat for more survivability. Another movement speed item to ensure that your kills and escape are almost if not secured. Its passive is pretty powerful as well. Slowing down enemies to ensure that they have nowhere to run is a neat trick for someone like Lunox.

Winter Truncheon

Lunox’s is not all glass cannon though, we should equip some armor for her that can coincide with her magical abilities as well. So that’s the puropose of Winter Truncheon. There is also an additional passive that can turn around deadly situations, so it’s an added bonus!

Blood Wings Blood Wings 

At last, the final weapon for Lunox! Not only do you get a huge amount of bonus in magic power and also to health points, but with the passive, you can be a little sturdier as you play Lunox. Late games usually tend to give enemies and allies alike strong capabilities so survivability is a must if you want to win as Lunox. Get this final item to significantly boost your chances, offensively and defensively.


As you notice in our build, majority have given focus to what is needed, magic power but also we can see that there is a significant detail to movement speed. From Rapid Boots, Glowing Wand, and Ice Queen Wand. These items not only help you boost your damage as a mage but give out significant movement speed.

Why? Lunox’s abilities rely when she is close or in range to strike an enemy with ranged abilities or blinks and untargetable states. This way, the skills’ effectivity can be increased a lot.

Some builds focus around cooldown reduction on her but remember, she does not use cool down reduction items for cooldown itself, but to use it on her passive as a penetration and resistance booster.

This build focus on chase, escape and making sure you hit your enemies to ensure the kill. That’s why it has a lot of items focused on movement speed. A little lowkey increase on HP and Armor as well, since she will be near close or to the frontlines it is necessary for her to have those items to last longer in teamfights.
And that’s all we got for Lunox. This build will ensure you secured kills and faster escapes, but to use it effectively, it is up to you, the player to do it. Will you dominate the Land of Dawn as Lunox? For more information about her and the game, stay tuned!

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