Badang – Skills Overview and Description

Badang the Tribal Warrior – Overview and Description

Skills Combination


badang icon transparentBadang is a powerful fighter hailing from Malaysia and from what we can see in the gameplay examples from reputable YouTubers like Hororo-chan and BluePanda, his fighting style is a martial artist skill set. His punches and kicks are powerful enough to break walls and do additional damage to it.

He can also make an empowered punch and a barrage of it. His skills are perfect for a fighter. According to his descriptions on his page in the shop, Badang has strong durability for a fighter, you can even argue that he might be a bruiser since his durability is almost as high as his offense and it is no joke that he can take hits and give it back with devastating power.

His abilities really do wonders for him but his sheer damage from his passive is enough for him to be deadly, add his skills and you’re in for a nightmare. He is slightly difficult to play but with mastery and proper positioning and technique, you can be deadly as Badang.


Badang’s skills are so in-character that you can expect that Badang’s moves fit with him. Here are his skills to see for yourself.

His passive, Chivalry Fist, lets him hit a lot more damage when he already did 3 basic attacks. Meaning that every fourth attack, Badang will have an empowered attack and the enemy will be knocked-off. But if the enemy hits a wall, the enemy will be stunned for a brief time.

His first skill, Qigong Fist, lets him do a fist wind and will slow enemy down if the enemy is on its way. Qigong Fist also deals additional damage if it hits a wall. If Qigong Fist, hits a wall, it will explode dealing damage if an enemy hero is in the range of its explosion range.

His second skill, Fist Break, makes Badang, annoying if you plan to back out if you planned to face him beforehand. Basically, this skill will make Badang dash and if it hits an enemy it will create a wall around the hero only leaving an opening for Badang to face the trapped one. However, plan and hit enemies accordingly as this skill only works if it hits an enemy. If it does not then, no wall will be made.

Finally, his ultimate, Fist Crack, is an ultimate topper for his skill set. Once you activate Fist Crack, Badang will unleash a flurry of fists that will deal a lot of damage each fist that the enemy will receive. The damage that the enemy will receive is counted as a basic attack so it helps build up his passive to deal even more damage!


Knowing this, Badang can use a lot of combinations in his bag of tricks that will be useful once Badang goes live in the live server. If you study these combos and learn before he can be used, then you can get a step ahead of the competition.

First, his Qigong Fist slows down enemies that it will encounter, knowing this, you can let one fly and if it hits the enemy, catch up to the enemy and use the Fist Break to lock it down, do some damage with your basic attacks and use the fist wind from Chivalry Fist for more damage. If this does need kill the enemy, unleash Fist Crack while the wall is up to make sure that the enemy is down.

Another combination is that, you can chase the enemy and do basic attacks and wait until it gets on a wall, if it does, position yourself against the wall and the enemy is between you and the wall, once that’s set up, land a basic attack and make sure the enemy hits the wall, now the enemy’s stunned.

Use your Qigong Fist to deal more damage as you are near the wall, and suddenly use your Fist Break to lock him down further. Finally, unleash Fist Crack to slay the enemy with ease.


As with every inspired hero from a country in Mobile Legends. We can be sure that Badang will be popular, especially with the Malaysian player base. But besides that, we all know that Badang has a lot of potential to be powerful to use in the game. With proper moves and skills, you can dominate the game with Badang.
And that’s all we have for Badang, the Tribal Warrior. For more information about him and the game, stay tuned for more!

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