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Who is Khufra?

khufra iconKhufra is a tank and his specialty is more of a crowd controller and initiator, perfect for a tank. What does the bar say about him? Of course for durability, it was top-notch since he will be a tank he must absorb damage and stay durable across the game, so this is no-brainer.

Up next, shockingly, his offense is indeed wonderfully high so you can think of him as an offensive tank. Sounds scary isn’t it?

But don’t worry, not all people can willy-nilly play this hero as it has a lot of complexity and aim proper combinations to be efficient in playing Khufra, meaning one should be proficient in skills as abilities and effects. Ability Effects is high on his list as well, so take note of that.

Khufra has a play style that should ensure that the enemies are in a closed area or the one playing as Khufra should make them close to each other as his abilities are focused on it, what are those abilities, you ask? Here’s some.

Khufra Abilities

khufra passiveKhufra’s passive, Spell Curse makes your next basic attack after some time, become a little bit longer. You will see the wide circle around Khufra when the passive is ready. This is not some simple passive as well as the attack that you will hit will return a hefty amount of heal to Khufra, talk about a free life-steal for every passive refreshed.

khufra 1st skillThe first ability, Tyrant’s Revenge, will dash in a direction of your choosing stopping at the nearest enemy it directly hits, knocking the enemy up. It’s very useful to stop other dashes, channels and others as it disrupts the current animation of the hero since it’s a knockup. It is also very useful to escape if you have a significant distance that will let you channel for a bit to escape.

khufra 2nd skillThe second ability, Bouncing Ball, Khufra will be wrapped in his bandages that he will be transformed into a ball, that enemies that are trying to use skills involving blinks will be disrupted and knocked up. It is a very powerful skill especially if you hit the enemy with the ball three times.

khufra ultiThe ultimate, Tyrant’s Rage, is the perfect initiator move for a tank, as enemies that are around Khufra will be pulled back and placed them on his front smacking both together, stunning them for a brief period of time. It packs a lot of punch and all of the potential combinations of this ability is massive.

Ability Combinations

Khufra has a lot of potential combinations with his abilities that can be synergized. First is that, when you turn into a ball and bounce around, if you, as Khufra, decide to use your first ability, it will proceed to move out of his ball mode and smash the ground for AoE damage that can be devastating. So prepare and plan ahead, if you see a group of enemies that are close together, you can move up in ball mode, strike twice and on the last bounce, use your second ability. That way, you can maximize the damage output for both abilities.

Finally, the initiate well, this combination will sure be handy for those who want to play as Khufra. Once a teamfight happens, make sure that the enemies are in some sort of a circle, close to each other. Enter the fray and use your ultimate to gather them even more, stunning them for a while, use your second skill, Bouncing Ball, to deal more damage as they are stunned, once the second bounce has happened, stop and smash the ground with your first ability, which will let you have more AoE damage that will be super beneficial as they are close together, meaning, almost if not all will receive damage based on their closeness to each other.

Khufra Gameplay

Source: ShinmenTakezoYT

Khufra has a lot of abilities that he can use and manipulate even further to his advantage. His role as a tank, crowd-controller and an initiator makes him great at his role and really effective at making sure the team wins the game as a team. And that’s all we got for the newest hero, Khufra, the Desert Tyrant. For more information about him and the game, Mobile Legends, stay tuned for more updates!

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